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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Break

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commands/action/break        Nanvaent Player Help

     break - break (down) something

     break [ down | open ] <object> [ with <object> ]

     When you want to "break" something you no longer need, enter "break"
     followed by the name of the object you don't want.

     The other main use for "break" is to "break down" doors and to
     "break open" containers such as locked chests.

     If you don't say what you want to "break" with, your current wielded
     weapon is used. This is only of use to those who are holding objects
     like crowbars while also wielding a sword. You can
     "break down door with crowbar" and use the crowbar rather than the

     Lots of objects are too hard to be broken with "break". Use one of the
     many bins dotted around to dispose of unwanted rubbish and keep
     Nanvaent tidy!

     Even with your obvious great strength some doors and the like may
     take some time to break down, so repeated usage of "break" may be

     Some containers and doors cannot be broken down. You might try "pick"
     if you are that way inclined...

     > break candle
     You render the candle to dust.

     > break down door
     You try to break open the south door with your bare hands.
     The south door is unaffected.

     > break down door with crowbar
     It would be more effective if you wielded the crowbar.

     > hold crowbar
     You hold a crowbar.

     > break down door with crowbar
     You try to break open the south door with your crowbar.
     The south door is unaffected.

     > wield scythe
     You are forced to lower the crowbar.
     You wield a scythe.

     > break door
     You try to break open the south door with your scythe.
     The south door is unaffected.

     OK... so I'm not very strong ;)

     equip, hold, open, pick, unlock, wield
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