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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Equip

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commands/action/equip        Nanvaent Player Help

     equip - tries to wield, wear, and hold everything


     This command is a quick method of wielding your weapon(s), wearing
     any armour or clothes and holding any other objects you can.

     Due to the complexity of "equip", your preferred objects may not be
     the ones that "equip" chooses. You should always check your inventory
     using the "inventory" command after using equip. This behaviour can
     make "equip" dangerous, since it may choose an object that you really
     shouldn't have used. "equip" can also pick items up from your location
     if it thinks they are better than the ones you have.

     Race and guild restrictions may determine what "equip" does. For
     example a wolf will not (usually) be able to wield a sword.

     You can only wear certain combinations of clothes and armour.

     > equip
     You wield the bronze short sword and wear the animal skin coat.

     get, hold, inventory, lower, syntax, remove, wear, wield
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