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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Kill

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commands/action/kill         Nanvaent Player Help

     kill - attempt to kill things

     kill { <monsters(s)> | <player(s)> | all | mall }

     You can either provide a list of targets, or attempt to kill
     every living thing in your location including players (all), or just
     attempt to kill all the monsters your location (mall).

     "kill" is not the only way to start combat. Some guild abilities will
     automatically start combat after they complete. An example of this is
     the thief "mug" ability. After the victim recovers they automatically
     start attacking the thief. You might also initiate combat with certain
     special weapons that you can "throw" at your opponent.

     You can only attack players if they are in your range, or if they are
     serial killers. There are no limits when attacking non-player

     > kill mall
     You attack a kobold and an evil uruk.

     combat, death, equip, mercy, syntax, throw, wear, wield
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