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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Light

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commands/action/light        Nanvaent Player Help

     light - set something ablaze

     light <object>

     Your ability to see the world around you depends on a number of
     factors. The main ones are your race, the time of day, the current
     weather, your location and any torches or other glowing items around
     you. You may also be affected by magical darkness.

     Some races are good at seeing in darkness, others really bad - check
     for details when changing your race.

     Using a torch is the easiest way to see in the dark and, fortunately,
     are fairly easy to get and "light".

     Torches burn out and have to be discarded. There are more complex ways
     to light up yourself and your surroundings that use holy or magical
     means that you may want to experiment with.

     Some locations may be so dark that even carrying the best light source
     with you will not be of any help.

     > look
     It's too dark, you can't see a thing.
     > get torch
     You get a torch from the gates.
     > light torch
     You light the torch.
     > look
     You are standing at the west gate of the village of Nanvaent. A high
     wooden palisade encircles the village. To the west a wide cobbled road
     leads off into Draemar Wood. A fancy sign hangs from the palisade.
     There are four obvious exits : east, northwest, southwest and west

     get, glance, look, races
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