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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Open

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commands/action/open         Nanvaent Player Help

     open - open a door or container

     open <object>

     Keep bashing your head when trying to go north? Rather than trying to
     open the door with your face, enter "open" and all your troubles will
     go away. Well, maybe they won't, but at least your door problem may be
     solved :)

     Containers such as chests and sacks may also be opened this way,
     though some may not.

     If the object you try to "open" is locked you'll have problems, though
     luckily you may be able to "unlock" them...

     > s
     You try to go south, but the south door is closed.

     > open door
     The south door resists your attempts at opening it. Maybe it is

     > unlock door with iron snake key
     You insert the iron snake key in the lock, and unlock the south door.

     > open door
     You open the south door.

     break, close, lock, movement, unlock
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