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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Pick

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commands/action/pick         Nanvaent Player Help

     pick - unlock a door or container without the key

     pick <object> with <object>

     Bored of searching for keys to locks? Want to test your dexterity?
     Try to "pick" the lock...

     Unfortunately there is a soul "pick" which clashes very badly with
     this command. Unless you get the syntax exactly right in exactly the
     right place you'll get the soul and end up with useful comments like
     "You pick your lock." and "You pick your door with lockpick".

     It's better if you use a tool designed for the job. If you want to use
     weapons then try "break" instead...

     > open door
     The south door resists your attempts at opening it. Maybe it is

     > pick door with lockpick
     You fail miserably in your attempt to pick the lock on the south door.

     Oh well :(
     break, close, lock, movement, open, unlock
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