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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Skin

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commands/action/skin         Nanvaent Player Help

     skin - remove the skin from a corpse

     skin <corpse(s)> [ with <weapon> ]

     Prove your skill as a hunter and take a trophy home with you. Find a
     suitable dead animal, and "skin" it. If you don't have the luxury of
     having hands, claws will do nicely.

     Hint: The sharper the weapon...

     You can only skin with weapons that you are using.

     The [ with <weapon> ] is designed for those who are wielding two
     weapons at the same time. Generally use "skin corpse".

     > skin corpse
     You rip the skin off the corpse with your bare hands and make a
     horrible mess of it.
     > get skin
     You get the seal skin from the Ice Patch.

     > wield scythe
     You wield a scythe.
     > skin corpse
     You use your scythe to skin the corpse.

     drop, get, inventory, put, syntax, wield
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