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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Throw

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commands/action/throw        Nanvaent Player Help

     throw - throw something to someone, or throw a weapon at someone

     throw <object(s)> [ at | to ] <person>

     If you want to transfer an object to another person you normally just
     "give" it to them, but with something like a pillow you might decide
     to "throw" it to them instead.

     In a more sinister situation you may have a weapon that you throw at
     someone (rather than to them) in order to inflict pain. This is, of
     course, a way to start combat as well as something than can be done
     during an existing fight. A great way to bury the hatchet.

     When you try to throw something you may find yourself performing the
     "throw" soul instead - only a few things can actually be thrown.
     An object has to be held, rather than just carried, before it can be
     thrown. Any weapons thrown end up on the ground, so you will have to
     be quick to pick them up again if you want to keep control of them!
     Finally, you may find that some quest items can be thrown "into"
     another location.

     combat, drop, get, give, hold, inventory, kill, lower, put, remove,
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