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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Unlock

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commands/action/unlock       Nanvaent Player Help

     unlock - unlock a door or container

     unlock <object> [ with <object> ]

     Having trouble with doors that won't open? Can't understand why that
     chest refuses to give up it's contents? You need to "unlock" it.

     Most things that you want to "unlock" require a key of some sorts,
     and you'll usually need the right key for the right lock. A pain, huh?

     For those of you with a less savoury intent, look at "pick" and

     It's usually better to be explicit when saying what you want to unlock
     and what you are using to unlock it. "unlock door with key" may fail
     if you have two keys in your inventory, where as
     "unlock wooden door with brass key" might succeed.

     > open door
     The south door resists your attempts at opening it. Maybe it is

     > unlock door
     You will need to use a key on this lock.

     > unlock door with key
     You try to put the silver snake key in the lock but it doesn't fit.

     > unlock door with iron snake key
     You insert the iron snake key in the lock, and unlock the south door.

     break, close, lock, movement, open, pick
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