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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Action: Wear

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commands/action/wear         Nanvaent Player Help

     wear - wear something

     wear { all | everything | hands | nothing | <object(s)> }

     This command allows you to take a piece of clothing that you are
     carrying and put it on. This is particularly useful if that piece
     of clothing is armour, or a magical ring, but be warned that some
     objects can be bad for you too...

     If you want to put on multiple objects then you can list them
     separated by either ','s or 'and's or a mixture of both. Use hands and
     nothing to remove everything you are wearing.

     You can generally only wear 2 rings and one amulet at any one time.

     > wear all
     You wear a coat and a hat.

     > wear nothing
     You remove a coat and a hat.

     equip, get, hold, inventory, lower, remove, stats, syntax, wield
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