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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Comment: Bug

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

commands/comment/bug         Nanvaent Player Help

     bug - record details about a fault

     bug <text>

     If you find that an object or location seems to behave oddly, it is a
     good idea to report it to the immortals that can address the issue.

     To do this, you can use "bug" to record your comments describing the
     problem that you have discovered. Always ensure that you record your
     thoughts in the location of the fault, since the location that you are
     in at the time will be recorded as well, speeding up the process.

     Try to avoid accidentally using "bug" when you meant to use "buy" in a
     shop or meant to use the "hug" soul.

     > bug "ex zookeeper" gives "... no zookeeper here...", but there is.
     Bug logged.

     guildlog, helplog, idea, immortals, questlog, soullog, typo
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