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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Comment: Guildlog

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

commands/comment/guildlog    Nanvaent Player Help

     guildlog - suggest a change to either a guild or a race

     guildlog <text>
     gcomment <text>

     If the Gods have cursed your race with an imperfection or seem to
     have been interfering with your guild's abilities, you will want to
     get your issues resolved swiftly.

     If you want to suggest ideas or point out problems with the guilds or
     races, you can use "guildlog" to let the Lord of Guilds know about
     your issue. The comments that you record will normally relate to the
     guild that you are a member of or the race type that you are.

     Please remember that Guildmasters are always your first point of
     contact with the immortals when requesting most changes.

     Please use "bug" or "typo" to comment about NPC's or guild locations.
     99% of the time the problem is with the location and not with the
     guild or race.

     It is rare for guild or race problems to be restricted to a single
     location. Most guild or race problems should occur anywhere in the
     game. However, please remember that a reference to the location that
     you are in at the time will be recorded along with your thoughts.

     > guildlog If you name your knight's horse you then cannot dismount.
     guildlog logged.

     bug, idea, guild info, helplog, immortals, joining guilds, races,
     soullog, typo
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