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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Comment: Idea

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commands/comment/idea        Nanvaent Player Help

     idea - record your ideas for improvements

     idea <text>

     Often a location or object can be improved in some manner and while
     you are wandering around you will inevitably think of something that
     you want to see acted upon.

     When inspiration strikes, you can use your "idea" ability to record
     your genius. The immortal that is responsible for the location that
     you are standing in (and the objects that originate there) can then
     examine your thoughts and take the appropriate action.

     If you wish to suggest an idea that applies to the whole of Nanvaent,
     suggest it to one of the many Guildmasters and ask them to talk to the
     immortals on your behalf.

     > idea Could do with a way to distinguish young and old dragons here.
     Idea logged.

     bug, guildlog, guildmaster, helplog, immortals, questlog, soullog,
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