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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Comment: Soullog

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commands/comment/soullog     Nanvaent Player Help

     soullog - record your suggestions for changes to souls

     soullog <text>

     The repertoire of souls that you can use to indicate your feelings to
     others, irrespective of race, guild or distance is a very important
     part of your life in Nanvaent.

     Sometimes, however, you may find that a state of mind that you want to
     convey is difficult with the abilities that the Gods have graced you
     with. Perhaps one of the souls that you try does not give the response
     that you want it to, or perhaps not the effect that you would normally

     To make suggestions to the immortals responsible for souls, you can
     use "soullog" to record your thoughts, ideas and criticisms.

     > soullog Ability to 'cough' at someone - better than "all over" them.
     Suggestion logged.

     bug, guildlog, helplog, idea, immortals, questlog, souls, typo
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