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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Comment: Typo

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commands/comment/typo        Nanvaent Player Help

     typo - record details about a spelling problem

     typo <text>

     The immortals describe the world of Nanvaent to you through words, and
     over time their work may be corrupted by the imperfections of the
     mortal world - sometimes you may come across a word or description of
     something that looks distorted to you.

     When such a menace confronts you, you should immediately use "typo" to
     record the broken imagery and, perhaps, your explanation of how you
     would expect it to appear. Remember to use "word" or "webster" to make
     sure that others will agree with your wisdom.

     Always ensure that you record your thoughts in the location of the
     fault, because a reference to the location that you are in at the time
     will be recorded as well, speeding up the process.

     Nanvaent is an English-only environment. Nothing you see should use
     American spellings of words. Please bear these points in mind when
     trying to decide if something has been misspelled or not.

     > typo "intelligant" should be "intelligent".
     Typo logged.

     bug, guildlog, helplog, idea, immortals, questlog, soullog, webster,
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