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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Communication: Converse

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commands/communication/converse  Nanvaent Player Help

     converse - talk a lot to everyone in the same location as you


     This command puts you into a little editor, in which each line you
     type is treated as if you had typed "say" unless you start the line
     with an exclamation mark. Use "**" to exit this mode.

     > converse
     Give '**' to stop.
     ] Hello everyone
     Lee says: Hello there.
     ] What you up to?
     Lee says: Waiting to heal
     ] !consider all
     Lee is too weak to bother attacking.
     He is BLEEDING to death.
     You are in perfect health.
     ] I can see you are wounded!
     Lee says: Badly :(
     ] **

     Lee saw this (amongst other things):
        Paul says: Hello everyone
        > say Hello there.
        You say: Hello there.
        Paul asks: What are you up to?
        > say Waiting to heal
        You say: Waiting to heal
        Paul exclaims: I can see you are wounded!
        > say Badly :(
        You say: Badly :(

     communicating, courtesy, say, shout, tell, whisper
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