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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Communication: Tell

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commands/communication/tell  Nanvaent Player Help

     tell - tell something to someone

     t [ -n | -e | -N | -E ] <player[@mudname]> <text>
     tell [ - n | - e | -N | -E ] <player[@mudname]> <text>

     If you want to telepathically transmit a message to someone, no matter
     how far away they are, you can use "tell" to communicate with them.
     No-one other than your chosen recipient will know that a message has
     been sent.

     The <player@mudname> usage refers to the fact that Nanvaent is on a
     network of muds called Intermud 3. This allows us to talk to people on
     other muds, and a few other things. See help on "mudlist" for more

     Tell will auto-complete names for you. For example, if Lee is the only
     person with L in his name, "tell l blah" will work.

     Use -N and -E to turn this on and off respectively, -n and -e to
     either (n)ot use expand, or use (e)xpand for this one tell. Both -n
     and -e are handy when people start logging on with very similar names.

     Other players can ignore you either directly by using "deny" or
     indirectly by using "earmuff". Immortals can also hide from all
     players (although they may allow some players to communicate with them
     while hidden).
     > tell lee Hello! How are you?
     You ask Lee: Hello! How are you?

     Lee sees on his screen:
         Paul asks you: Hello! How are you?

     > tell -N
     Default all tells to not expand to any player name match.

     > tell -E
     Defaulting all tells to expand to any player name match.

     Here is an example of it going wrong:
     > tell l hello
     The following users match that:
     lee, lucky.

     Here is an example of -n stopping any expanding:
     > tell -n l hello
     L is not logged in.

     communicating, converse, courtesy, deny, earmuff, immortals, ltells,
     mudlist, say, shout, whisper
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