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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Information: Finger

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commands/information/finger  Nanvaent Player Help

     finger - find information about someone or everyone playing

     finger [-n] [ <player> | [ <player> ]@<mudname> ]

     The "finger" command is used to find out information about people. I'll
     let you guess why it's called "finger" :)  Use the "chfn" command to
     change the information you show to other people.

     Just entering "finger" lists everyone playing along with their status
     (Creator = C, Lord = L, etc.), their real name (if known), their
     location (if known) and their birthday (if known).

     The -n flag can be used to show the information without the person's
     plan being shown. A plan is set using the "alias" command.

     You can also list everyone playing on another mud that Nanvaent knows
     about. To do this give the name of the mud after an '@' symbol.
          finger @nightmare

     Alternatively, you can find out more detailed information on a certain
     player by giving a player name:
          finger mhoram

     You can also try and finger a player at another mud:
          finger descartes@nightmare

     The "mudlist" command will tell what other muds Nanvaent knows about.
     All network requests take some time to respond, so please be patient.

EXAMPLES  (mostly shortened to save space)
     > finger
     Name          Real name        Where             Birthday
     beelzebub     Satan            Hell              Unknown
     pep           Brother Pep      Dunstable         14th of October
     zix           David Riley      Essex, England    26th of June

     > finger usurper
     Login Name : Usurper              Real name  : Paul Hargreaves
     Birthday   : 18th of August       Email      :
     Location   : Long Eaton

     Position   : Trial Creator
     Mail       : 38 mail messages, none unread
     Age        : 11 days and 6 hours old

     On Since   : Fri Feb 12 20:53:30 1999 (1 hour and 41 minutes)

     Into infinity and beyond!

     > finger @earth
     Remote finger @Earth is away.
     [Earth] 5 users connected
     Leer          1326 Leer
     Menolly          0 Menolly
     Hamster          0 Hamster
     Blee             0 Blee
     Silja         1166 Silja is more human than human

     > finger dorf@rod
     Remote finger dorf@Rod is away.
     Name       : dorf                    Level      : <unknown>
     Title      : Dorf
     On Since   : Fri 12 1999 20:15

     bored, chfn, email, imudlocate, levels, maxidle, mudlist, who
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