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commands/information/guilds  Nanvaent Player Help

     guilds - list players according to guilds

     guilds [-a] [-g] [-l] [-m] [ <guild(s)> | <player(s)> ]

     The "guilds" ability allows you to view players according to which
     guild they are a member of.

     There are four possible options which can be combined together.

        -a : include immortals (rather than just players)
        -g : do not show the '(GM)' suffix next to a Guildmaster's name
        -l : show all other suffixes ('(n)' for newbie, '(A)' for addict,
             '(T)' for Trial Creator, '(C)' for Creator, '(L)' for Lord,
             '(H)' for High Lord, '(G)' for God and '(Z)' for LazyBone.
        -m : view the list through "more"

     By default, all the guilds that people are currently playing will be
     listed and the people who are playing them as a tree structure. You
     you can type a list of players and guilds (separated by ','s and
     'and's) that you are interested in and see the name of the guild each
     player is in, and any members of the guild specified.

     > guilds panda, necromancer
     Panda(A) is in the guild of Clerics.
     People in the necromancers guild are:
     Benny, Pep, Wizadora and Wraith.

     > guilds -al

     Adventurer (0)
     |   None.
     |---Fighter (0)
     |   Andrew(L).
     |---Wolf pack (3)
     |   |   Amos(L), Basher, Foxy and Galaxy(A).

     bored, finger, joining guilds, level, levels, members, more, who
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