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commands/information/levels  Nanvaent Player Help

     levels - lists players in terms of immortal status


     This command lists people in 6 groups:

            Level   Type
              6     God
              5     High-lords
              4     Lords
              3     Creators
              2     Trial Creators
              1     Players

     If an immortal has a number in braces, e.g. "Usurper(1)" then that
     means they are hidden from everybody at and below that group level.
     For example, a lot of Lords are usually set to hidden 2. This means
     that only Creators, Lords, High-lords and Gods can see them. As far as
     Trial Creators and Players are concerned, those Lords are not logged

     To make things interesting, all immortals have the ability to "allow"
     people. When you have been allowed, you can see that person as if
     they were not hidden, but others will still not be able to see them.

     If you are talking to an immortal, or see an immortal with a number
     after their name, please do not shout, or use a public channel to
     talk to them, since it will alert everybody on Nanvaent to their
     presence. Immortals are generally hidden because they are in the
     middle of working on something and do not wish to be disturbed by
     anybody who feels like a chat.

     In the Players list, an 'A' in braces after a name indicates that they
     have reached 'Addict' (i.e. over level 100), whilst an 'n' indicates
     that they are a 'Newbie' (less than level 10). Finally, a 'GM' means
     that that person is the Guildmaster for a particular guild.

     > levels

     High-lords (1):

     Lords (3):
     Amos, Spoo and Talen.

     Creators (4):
     Corvin, Foxer, Kelrith and Tea(.)(.).

     Trial Creators (1):

     Players (23):
     Aranod(GM), Crypt(n), Ebudan, Falcon, Foxy, Tpg(A), Topper, Total,
     [remaining players removed from this example]

     bored, finger, guilds, who
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