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commands/information/time    Nanvaent Player Help

     time - display the time

     time [ -u | -au | -as | -e ]

     This command can be used to display the time in any one of a number
     of time zones, or can be used to display the Nanvaent time.

     Without a code "time" returns the Nanvaent time, the "real" time (in
     London, England), the time the last reboot occurred and the how long
     Nanvaent has been up for, and some weird Internet Time!

     If you give "time" any arguments then it displays the time in that
     area of the world (Daylight Saving Time excluded):
        u  : United States of America
        au : Australia
        as : Asia
        e  : Europe

     I'll leave you to figure out the Internet Time (i.e. it makes no real
     sense to me). Visit   for more information.

     > time
     It is roughly twenty to six in the morning.
     (Real time here is roughly Fri Feb 12 21:30:29 1999
                                                      (Internet Time @937))
     Nanvaent has been up since Wed Feb 10 21:16:28 1999
     Time up is 2 days.

     > time -u
     ------------------------ Us Time --------------------
     US/Eastern (EST)             Fri Feb 12 16:31:39 1999
     US/Central (CST)             Fri Feb 12 15:31:39 1999
     US/Mountain(MST)             Fri Feb 12 14:31:39 1999
     US/Pacific (PST)             Fri Feb 12 13:31:39 1999
     US/Alaska  (AST)             Fri Feb 12 12:31:39 1999

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