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commands/information/webster    Nanvaent Player Help

     webster - dictionary/thesaurus lookup

     webster [-t] <word>

     This command lets you connect to an on-line version of the Webster
     dictionary (at MIT) and get a word defined. You can use wild cards
     where needed, '%' means one character and '*' means zero or more
     characters. If the word is found, the definition of that word is
     returned. If it's not found then it will try a bit of fuzzy matching
     and return a few words that more or less sound the same as what you
     asked for. If wild cards are used then a list of zero or more words
     are returned and you will then have to pick the appropriate word
     from the list and query again for that particular word.

     The '-t' flag tells it to use the Thesaurus, rather then the
     Dictionary, so you can find other words that mean similiar things
     to the one you provide.

     The dictionary is American English, so it has Americanisms and
     polluted spelling.

     > webster wizard
     Query sent, expect answer shortly...
     WWWebster dictionary reply:
     2 words found.
     Try a more specific search for one of these:
         * wizard[1,noun] - wizard[2,adjective]
     Main Entry:     1wizard
     Pronunciation:  'wi-z&rd
     Function:       noun
     Etymology:      Middle English wysard, from wis, wys wise
     Date:   15th century
     1 archaic : a wise man : SAGE
     2 : one skilled in magic : SORCERER
     3 : a very clever or skillful person

     > webster program*
     Query sent, expect answer shortly...
     WWWebster dictionary reply:
     25 words found.
     Try a more specific search for one of these:
         * program - program director - programed - programer -
     programers - programing - programings - programmabilities -
     programmability - programmable - programmables - programmatic -
     programmatically - programme - programmed - programmed cell death -
     programmed instruction - programmer - programmers - programmes -
     programming - programmings - program music - programs - program

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