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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Location: Glance

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commands/location/glance     Nanvaent Player Help

     glance - take a quick look at something

     glance [ at <object(s)> ]

     This command allows you to take a quick look at something and gives
     a brief description of what you look at. Normally you glance at the
     location you are currently in. If you specify an object then you
     glance at that.

     Sometimes you may not be able to see anything due to factors such as
     magic spells, your race, the time of day, the type of location or
     items you are carrying. You will normally get the message "It's too
     dark." or "It's too dark, you can't see a thing."

     > glance
     Centre of the village square [e,in,n,ne,nw,s,se,sw,w].

     > glance at torch
     torch (burnt out).

     > glance at coin, jewel
     white jewel.
     1 platinum coin.

     brief, examine, look, verbose
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