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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Location: Look

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commands/location/look       Nanvaent Player Help

     look - look around or look at something

     l [ [at] <object(s)> ]
     look [ [at] <object(s)> ]

     This command allows you to look around the location you are in, or at
     objects. You can look at several objects at the same time using the
     "," separator.

     The keyword [at] is not required so you'll probably want to ignore it.

     Sometimes you may not be able to see anything due to factors such as
     magic spells, your race, the time of day, the type of location and
     items you are carrying. You will normally get the message "It's too
     dark." or "It's too dark, you cannot see a thing."

     > look
     You are standing on a wide cobbled road. To the north lies the side
     wall of the Nanvaent Clothing Emporium while to the south you can see
     the village church standing resplendent in well kept gardens.
     There are three obvious exits : east, south and west

     > look jewel, torch
     You look at a torch (burnt out) and a white jewel.
     The torch is a rather heavy lump of wood that has been soaked in oil
     so that it will burn. It is completely burnt out.
     A milky, white jewel filled with a warm light. Its radiance fills the
     room spreading a gentle warmth.

     brief, examine, glance, search, verbose
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