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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Chess

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commands/personal/chess      Nanvaent Player Help

     chess - go to the chess room


     Using "chess" magically transports you to the chess room. Once you are
     in the chess room you can either continue to play the game you are
     already playing, or you can start a new game.

     When you're in the chess room you can "leave" and you'll be returned
     to your original location.

     Make sure you have an opponent before going into the chess room, since
     most actions are blocked and you cannot communicate, e.g. using tell".

     You can only go to the chess room from safe ground, and then only when
     you have 100% health.

     While in the chess room, you cannot use souls, nor perform any guild-
     related actions. Guild related effects such as the Necromancer blood
     loss and the Barbarian berserk still happen while in chess mode. It
     probably isn't a good idea to try going into the chess room while
     suffering from malaria...

     Some functions in the chess room are unfinished. This is by design.
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