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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Chfn

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commands/personal/chfn       Nanvaent Player Help

     chfn - change your personal information for other players to see


     You can use "chfn" to change the information people can see about you
     when they use the "finger" command.

     The various personal things you can set are:
         Your real name
         Your location
         Your birthday
         Your e-mail address
         Your www homepage

     Both your real name and your e-mail address can be hidden from normal
     players and only made visible to Lords and above by putting a ":" in
     front of the text.

     The "email" command can be used to just change your e-mail portion of
     your information.

     > chfn
     Change finger information.
     Pressing return at the prompts will take the default.  The default is
     the option in []'s.
     For your name to be only visible by lords prepend a :
     What real name do you wish to use [Paul] ? Paul Hargreaves
     Ok real name set to Paul Hargreaves.
     Enter your location (ie Glasgow,Scotland, whatever) [Long Eaton]
     Ok where set to Long Eaton
     Enter your birthday (ddmm) [Unknown] (none for none) :
     Birthday unchanged from Unknown.
     What email address do you wish to use.  Set to none to clear.
     Putting a : in front of it means that only the lords can read it.
     [See Usurper] :
     Email address set to
     Your homepage if you have one (none for none). [dunno] : none
     Homepage address cleared.
     > write So, the email address should be hidden...
     > finger paultest
     Login Name : Paultest             Real name  : Paul Hargreaves
     Email      : -                    Location   : Long Eaton

     Guild      : Adventurers          Position   : Player
     Mail       : No Mail
     Age        : 14 minutes and 5 seconds old

     On Since   : Tue Feb 16 12:50:57 1999 (14 minutes and 38 seconds)

     email, finger
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