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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Clear

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commands/personal/clear      Nanvaent Player Help

     clear - clear your terminal display

     cls [ -v | -a | -x ]
     clear [ -v | -a | -x ]

     Using "clear" allows you to avoid those embarrassing encounters with
     your boss by clearing your terminal display of any text. If your
     terminal type is set to 'dumb', but your terminal understands the
     vt100, ansi or xterm clear screen directives, then you can inform
     "clear" of this by specifying 'v' for vt100, etc.

     You do not need to specify the terminal type if it is already set to
     something other than dumb.

     Just using "clear" by itself to hide your activity from your boss is
     probably not going to be a good idea. Within a few seconds you'll have
     all manner of shouts and chats. Either figure out a nice alias that
     has "clear" near the end, probably involving "write" and "earmuff
     total" or do what I do and just convince your boss that all these
     wizards and the like on your screen really is work. My boss once
     looked at my game screen, studied it for a minute or so, then said
     "My, how programming has changed since my day. It's all clever stuff
     now." You can guess my face...

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