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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Deny

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commands/personal/deny       Nanvaent Player Help

     deny - stop someone using a restricted soul on you, stop a cleric
            being able to 'raise' you from the dead, or prevent someone
            from following you

     deny <player> { everything | <soul> | default | follow | raise }
     deny list

     Nanvaent has many restricted souls such as "spank" and "lick". If you
     have decided to stop someone using them on you, simply use "deny" to
     stop them. Due to their very nature people aren't allowed to use
     restricted souls unless you have given them "consent", so you do not
     have to "deny" people unless you have already given them consent.

     You can also stop players from following you by using "deny <player>

     To revoke permission from a cleric to be able to 'raise' your ghost
     back to life, use "deny <player> raise".

     You can "deny <player> default" to return your restrictions on someone
     to their default settings. You would normally use this if you have
     used "deny <player> everything" (so you ignore them) and then changed
     your mind.

     The defaults are (assuming you haven't already given "consent"):

          souls    - Players cannot use restricted souls on you
          follow   - Players cannot follow you (*** See CAVEATS)
          raise    - Clerics cannot raise your ghost back to life (*** See

     Finally, you can 'list' the current restrictions that you have set.

     If you "deny <player> everything" they can still 'follow' or 'raise'
     you since these permissions are not changed. You will have to manually
     "deny <player> follow" and "deny <player> raise".

     Using "deny <player> default" does not remove 'follow' or 'raise'
     permission. Again, you have to do these manually.

     > deny elfie spank
     Elfie no longer has carte-blanche. You will have to explicitly consent
     to things now.

     > deny bob follow
     Bob added to follow deny list.

     > deny panda raise
     Panda added to raise deny list.

     > deny bob everything
     Bob is being ignored.

     > deny list
     You are ignoring Bob completely.
     Deny list for raise: Panda
     Deny list for follow: Bob

     consent, earmuffs, follow, souls
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