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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Describe

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commands/personal/describe   Nanvaent Player Help

     describe - set or clear your "examine" description

     describe [ <text> | clear ]

     The "describe" command allows you to modify the text people see when
     they look at you, with some sort of description of your physical
     characteristics. Try to keep your description funny but non-offensive.

     You can remove your current description by passing the 'clear'
     parameter to the describe command.

     Always type in your "describe" text from the other person's
     perspective. Avoid things like "I am tall"; use "He is tall" instead.

     > describe Mhoram is a slightly balding, middle aged man with crystal
     clear grey eyes. He has an aura of concealed power within him, and you
     are not entirely sure as to whether you can trust him.

     chfn, examine, look, name
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