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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Earmuffs

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commands/personal/earmuffs   Nanvaent Player Help

     earmuffs - block or allow certain types of message

     earmuff [ <message_type> [ on | off ] ]
     earmuffs [ <message_type> [ on | off ] ]

     Fed up with all the noise that other people make? Need to concentrate
     hard on the quest you are doing? Apply "earmuffs" to the problem.

     Lots of messages can be silenced by turning on the appropriate earmuff:

        Message type   Message effect
        ------------   --------------
        atmosphere     location specific atmospheric messages, such as
                       dripping taps, dogs barking, creepy feelings, etc.
        channels       CHAT, NEWBIE, etc.
        inform         people logging in and out
        say            people using say in your location
        shout          anything that's shouted,
        soul           any soul commands
        souleveryone   any soul command performed on 'everyone'
        tell           people telling you things
        total          all message types can be disabled with this earmuff

     So to turn on the 'shout' earmuff, enter "earmuffs shout on". From now
     on you will not see any shouts at all. To start listening to them, use
     "earmuffs shout off".

     If you want total silence for a while, enter "earmuffs total on". Your
     individual earmuffs will be ignored and you will hear no messages until
     you "earmuff total off".

     To see which earmuffs you have applied, enter "earmuffs" by itself.

     "earmuffs" tend to work backwards. You turn on the 'say' earmuff, not
     turn off your ability to hear them. This confused me for ages ;)

     > earmuffs

     Total        - Off       Shout       - Off      Channels     - Off
     Soul         - Off       Inform      - Off      Tell         - Off
     Souleveryone - On        Say         - Off      Atmosphere   - Off

     Use: earmuff [<type> [on|off]]

     > earmuff shout on
     Earmuff 'Shout' switched ON

     > earmuff shout off
     Earmuff 'Shout' switched OFF

     communicating, say, shout, souls
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