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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Follow

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commands/personal/follow     Nanvaent Player Help

     follow - follow somebody

     follow { <player(s)> | everyone }

     You can use "follow" to follow someone else who is in the same
     location as you. When they move out of the location you will do too.
     You can also follow multiple people, though this can make things
     interesting when they go in different directions.

     Use "unfollow" to stop following somebody. The person you are
     following can also type "lose" to stop you following them.

     You can follow monsters (NPCs - Non-Player Characters) as well as
     other players.

     It is usually impossible to follow people through portals and other
     unusual exits.

     The person you wish to follow MUST have turned "consent" on for you.
     You cannot follow Forester or Necromancer minions.

     > follow papaya
     You start following Papaya has no opinions.
     > followees
     You are following:

     > follow gilson
     You don't manage to follow Plastic Punk Gilson Tip.
     You need consent to follow players.

    consent, deny, followees, followers, lose, unfollow
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