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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Harass

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commands/personal/harass     Nanvaent Player Help

     harass - logs all communications for a certain time

     harass { <minutes> | off }

     This command is used to log all communications made to you for a
     certain period of time. The purpose of this is so that action can be
     taken against anyone who likes to hurl abuse at you (sexist abuse,
     racist abuse, etc).

     To start a harassment log type "harass" followed by the number
     of minutes you wish the log to cover.

     You can turn logging off at any time by typing "harass off".

     You have to inform a Lord, High-lord or God to ensure that your
     harassment log can be taken into consideration and action can be
     taken. This does not happen automatically.

     cheating, deny, earmuffs, harassment, punishment
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