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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Mercy

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commands/personal/mercy      Nanvaent Player Help

     mercy - show mercy to player opponents during fights

     mercy [ yes | no | on | off ]

     The main idea of combat is to kill your opponent. When fighting
     against other players you have the ability to stop the killing blow
     from being struck. If you enable mercy you will knock the other
     player unconscious for a period of time (assuming you win :)
     When they wake up they will still be in combat with you, so it is
     probably best if you show mercy then move away from the other player
     for a couple of minutes.

     Note that level restrictions apply regardless of your mercy setting.

     Player controlled NPCs (Non-Player Characters) will take the same
     mercy setting as their controller.

     Mercy cannot be shown to any NPC. THIS INCLUDES A PLAYER'S MINIONS.
     You will kill a Necromancer's zombie but not the player controlling
     it. The same applies to Forester's creatures.

     Even though you have mercy enabled your opponent may decide not to
     have it enabled. There is no way to see if an opponent has mercy
     turned on except at the time they turn mercy on or off. Or you could
     just wait until they kill you ;)

     > mercy
     You are feeling merciful today.
     Usage: mercy [yes|on|no|off]

     > mercy off
     You feel ruthless and will fight until the death!
         Other people see:
         Usurper announces that he will fight until the death!

     > mercy on
     You feel merciful towards your foes.
         Other people see:
         Usurper announces that he will be merciful towards his foes.

     combat, death, kill
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