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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Name

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commands/personal/name       Nanvaent Player Help

     name - set capitalisation of your name and optionally add a surname

     name <character_name> [ <surname> ]

     You can use "name" to change the capitalisation of your name, and to
     optionally add a surname. You cannot change the content of your first

     "name" will only allow letters of the alphabet and spaces, so you
     cannot put numbers or punctuation into your name.

     You cannot truly change the appearance of your forename. When others
     see you listed using "levels", "who", etc., or when they see you talk
     to them when you use "tell" your name will still appear in mixed case
     with only the first letter in upper case.

     > name Usurper
     Your name is now "Usurper".

     > name uSURPER the Dead
     Your name is now "uSURPER the Dead".

     > name supergo the tasty
     You can only change the capitalisation of your name, not the content.

     chfn, describe
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