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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Nickname

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commands/personal/nickname   Nanvaent Player Help

     nickname - view or add nicknames

     ni [ <nickname> [ <object> | <player> ] ]
     nickname [ <nickname> [ <object> | <player> ] ]

     This command allows you to view or add nicknames. Nicknames can be
     used in most places where you would normally specify a player or NPC
     (Non-Player Character).

     You can also use "nickname" to give objects nicknames. This can be
     very useful if you have two objects that are almost identical, such as
     a swag bag and a dirty sack. Both are known as "sack", so nicknaming
     sack to dirty sack and bag to swag bag eliminates any confusion.

     To view all your nicknames use this command with no arguments. If you
     only want to look up a specific nickname then pass just the nickname
     as the argument.

     To add or modify a nickname pass two arguments: the first is the
     nickname you want to define, the second is the real name of the player
     or object you want the nickname to refer to.

     To delete a nickname use the "dnickname" command.

     > nickname me usurper
     Added nickname 'me' as 'usurper'

     > look me
     Looking at yourself again? What a narcissist!
     You are Usurper  (Pure Evil),
     You are an average, well-built dark elf.
     You are in perfect health.

     > nickname
     mand : mandorallen
     me : usurper
     sack : dirty sack
     torq : torquemada

     alias, dnickname
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