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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Pray

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commands/personal/pray       Nanvaent Player Help

     pray - pray to the Gods for a new life


     This command is used when you go and get yourself killed. When you
     "pray" your ghost is given a new body by the Gods and you are at
     liberty to go and get yourself killed again. Though you start with 9
     spare lives, pay a powerful cleric handsomely and they may give you
     some more.

     Once you lose all your lives then you are permanently dead, and the
     only way to continue to play Nanvaent with this character is to do a

     A lot of people, depending on mood, type "suicide" rather than
     "refresh". It's a good way of losing your character name and your
     character's properties, and it gives immortals something to laugh
     hard about.

     The dark elf warlock detonates you.
     Oh dear, you died. Better luck next time.
     > pray
     You pray to the gods for a new life...
     You appear in a more solid form.

     death, refresh, suicide
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