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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Rearrange

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commands/personal/rearrange  Nanvaent Player Help

     rearrange - allows you to rearrange your stats


     You use "rearrange" to setup your vital statistics (stats) to suit
     yourself. For instance, if you were a fighter you might rearrange so
     that in effect you have moved 6 points off your intelligence and added
     it to your strength.

     The stats you can alter are as follows.

        (S)trength     - Physical strength and build
        (D)exterity    - General agility and manual dexterity
        (I)ntelligence - Mental capacity
        (C)onstitution - Internal fortitude
        (W)isdom       - Mental discipline

     When you first start to play Nanvaent, all your stats are 13. When you
     start to "rearrange" you will find yourself in a special editor,
     allowing you to redistribute most of your stats.

     It is important you get this right the first time, so check out the
     information available in your guild, and ask other members of your
     guild too.

     Using "rearrange" does not take any notice of race modifications. See
     "help stats" for an example of what effect they may have. Also look at
     "help races" for a guide to what the modifications are for each race.

     While you rearrange you are still in the game, so you should rearrange
     when on safe ground, rather than in the middle of the wilderness.
     Trying to fight half way through setting your stats can be a little

     The first time you rearrange it is free, after that time rearranging
     will cost you a percentage of your total experience!

     > rearrange
     Type "d 8" to add 8 points to your dexterity from the pool. Or "d -8"
     to remove 8 points from dexterity and add them to the pool. "Save"
     will save and quit at the current position, "reset" will reset you
     back to your starting position and "quit" will quit and not save your
     changes. Any race modifiers are not affected by this rearrange and
     will be applied to the final result.

     NOTE! This rearrange will cost you 101382.
     Str: 5 Dex: 5 Int: 5 Con: 5 Wis: 5 Pool: 40
     Entry [d:c:i:w:s:save:reset:quit] <num> : s 10
     Str: 15 Dex: 5 Int: 5 Con: 5 Wis: 5 Pool: 30
     Entry [d:c:i:w:s:save:reset:quit] <num> : i 20
     Str: 15 Dex: 5 Int: 25 Con: 5 Wis: 5 Pool: 10
     Entry [d:c:i:w:s:save:reset:quit] <num> : i -5
     Str: 15 Dex: 5 Int: 20 Con: 5 Wis: 5 Pool: 15
     Entry [d:c:i:w:s:save:reset:quit] <num> : c 10
     Str: 15 Dex: 5 Int: 20 Con: 15 Wis: 5 Pool: 5
     Entry [d:c:i:w:s:save:reset:quit] <num> : w 5
     Str: 15 Dex: 5 Int: 20 Con: 15 Wis: 10 Pool: 0
     Entry [d:c:i:w:s:save:reset:quit] <num> : save
     Deducting xp.

     races, stats
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