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commands/personal/rows       Nanvaent Player Help

     rows - set/show current value for how many rows your display has

     rows [ <number> ]

     This command can be used to either set or show the current value for
     how many rows your display has. The rows are the number of lines your
     terminal can fit onto one screen.

     You should rarely need to change this value. At login time (assuming
     that "screendetect" is on) your client is queried to determine the
     correct size. If your client doesn't support this feature then you
     should turn "screendetect" off first and then set the correct value
     using this command.

     If you do not resize your display, then there should be no need to
     set this value as it is determined when you login.

     If you resize your screen during play then "rows" can be used to
     adjust your screen length until your next login.

     > rows
     Current number of rows : 25.

     > rows 20
     Current number of rows : 20

     cols, newline, screendetect, term, termdetect
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