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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Score

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commands/personal/score      Nanvaent Player Help

     score - give indication of your current condition

     sc [ verbose [ stats ] ]
     score [ brief | stats ]

     "sc" is the same as "score brief".
     "stats" is identical to "score stats" and "sc stats"

     The score command provides various details about you and your success
     (failure?) at the game. The information available is:

     sc verbose
     score verbose
        Current health               Current guild points "energy"
        Current social points        (Maximum social points)
        Current quest points         (Total quest points in Nanvaent)
        Current experience points    Total experience points
        How many times you've died   Number of lives left
        Current age
        "wimpy" setting

     score brief
        Current health               Current guild points "energy"
        Maximum health points        Maximum guild points
        Current experience points    Current number of social points

     score stats
        Strength                Constitution          Height
        Intelligence            Wisdom
        Dexterity               Weight

     > sc
              Health [===============]   Energy {***************}
              MHp: 2570  MGp: 2138  Xp: 20  Sp: 1259

     > score
     You are in perfect health and full of energy.
     1261(1262) social points and 1260(2800) quest points.
     Your current experience is 20, and you have earned 9043822 xps in
     total. You have died 4 times. You can die 5 more times before you are
     completely dead.
     You are 12 days, 18 hours, 37 minutes and 26 seconds old.
     You are in brave mode.

     > stats
     Here are some arbitrary numbers for you to look at:
     Remember, these are your current stats, including any
     bonuses/penalties you may have acquired.
     Strength     : 19      Constitution : 19      Height     : 170 cm
     Intelligence : 10      Wisdom      : 25
     Dexterity    : 6       Weight      : 75kg

     level, player stats, monitor
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