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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Verbose

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commands/personal/verbose    Nanvaent Player Help

     verbose - turn brief/verbose mode on or off

     verbose [ on | off ]

     This command allows you to turn verbose mode on or off. When you move
     while in verbose mode, you see a complete description of the location
     you move into, its contents and the obvious exits. Typing "verbose" by
     itself turns verbose mode on.

     The "brief" command is the exact opposite of "verbose".

     > verbose
     You are in verbose mode.
     > n
     You are standing on the southern side of the village square. The
     square is quite busy with numerous shops and businesses lining the
     sides. In the centre of the square stands a tall slender tower. To the
     south west lies the seedy looking Phoenix Bar, while to the southeast
     is the local Post Office. To the south a wide cobbled road leads off
     into the distance.
     There are six obvious exits : east, north, northeast, northwest, south
     and west

     brief, glance, look
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