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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Personal: Wimpy

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commands/personal/wimpy      Nanvaent Player Help

     wimpy - automatically run away when your hit points reach a certain
             limit during a fight

     wimpy <number in range 0-50>

     The wimpy command can be used to set a percentage of your hit points
     after which, should you fall below it, you will automatically run
     away from a fight.  If you have set the number to zero (default) you
     are in 'brave mode' and won't run away at all.

     You can use "score" to see your current "wimpy" setting.

     The experience points you receive for doing damage to something will
     be lower the higher you set your wimpy.

     You can only change your wimpy every 15 minutes.

     > wimpy 25
     You are in wimpy mode, you will run away at 25% of your max hps.

     > score
     You are in perfect health and full of energy.
     1168(1168) social points and 1260(2800) quest points.
     Your current experience is 5003, and you have earned 9036332 xps in
     total. You have died 4 times. You can die 5 more times before you are
     completely dead.
     You are 11 days, 18 hours, 50 minutes and 40 seconds old.
     Wimpy set to 25%

     > wimpy 0
     You are in brave mode.

     combat, kill
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