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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Session: Colours

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commands/session/colours     Nanvaent Player Help

     colours - change the colours of things you see

     colours [ test | default | <colour-group> [ <colour> ] ]

     Nanvaent is a world rich in colour. Assuming you have a terminal
     that Nanvaent can support (e.g. ansi) then you should immediately
     notice that colour is extremely useful.

     It is important to note that these are only your perceptions of the
     various colours. Other players will have their own colours defined,
     and they are free to change them using "colour" anytime they wish.

     Enter "colours" to see each of the various colour-groups that exist
     and the colours they have been set to.

         Colour group           Function
         ------------           --------
         tell                   Any communication using the "tell" command
         guild-channel          Any communication over your guild channel
         channel                Any communication over public channels
         atmosphere             Room atmosphere, such as dripping taps
         say                    Any communication using the "say" command
         movement               The messages you see when people move
         exits                  The description line for the visible exits
         road-exits             Some main roads use this in their
                                description to show which way the main road
         soul                   Any communication using souls
         shout                  Any communication using "shout"
         guild-command          The messages that a guild command makes,
                                e.g. the fighter "bash"
         combat                 The combat messages
         inform-channel         General login/logout type messages, plus
                                any really important messages from
                                immortals to all players
         deaths                 Message when something dies

      You will also see that "colours" shows the current colour that the
      colour-group is set to, and the default colour that Nanvaent
      originally sets.

      To see what colours work on your terminal, enter "colours test". You
      will also be shown your current settings for each colour group.
      An example of a "colours test" is below.

      Where a colour is prefixed with a 'B_' this means that the background
      of the text is changed instead of the foreground colour.

      This is %^MAGENTA%^magenta%^RESET%^, this is background %^B_MAGENTA%^b_magenta%^RESET%^.

      To change a colour-group, enter the name of the colour-group followed
      by the new colour you want, by 'default' for the default colour or by
      'none' for no colour to be set.

      > colours
      These are your defined colours:

      tell            : %^ORANGE%^orange         %^RESET%^ ( default - %^RED%^red%^RESET%^ )
      guild-channel   : %^ORANGE%^orange         %^RESET%^ ( default - %^ORANGE%^orange )
      channel         : %^CYAN%^cyan           %^RESET%^ ( default - %^CYAN%^cyan%^RESET%^ )
      atmosphere      : none            ( default - none )
      say             : %^CYAN%^cyan           %^RESET%^ ( default - %^CYAN%^cyan%^RESET%^ )
      movement        : %^WHITE%^white          %^RESET%^ ( default - %^GREEN%^green%^RESET%^ )
      exits           : %^GREEN%^green          %^RESET%^ ( default - %^GREEN%^green%^RESET%^ )
      road-exits      : %^CYAN%^cyan           %^RESET%^ ( default - %^CYAN%^cyan%^RESET%^ )
      soul            : %^CYAN%^cyan           %^RESET%^ ( default - none )
      shout           : %^CYAN%^cyan           %^RESET%^ ( default - none )
      guild-command   : %^B_GREEN%^b_green        %^RESET%^ ( default - none )
      combat          : %^B_MAGENTA%^b_magenta      %^RESET%^ ( default - none )
      inform-channel  : %^BOLD%^bold           %^RESET%^ ( default - %^BOLD%^bold%^RESET%^ )

      Use 'colours <name> <colour>|default|none' to alter them.
      Or 'colours test' to see what things look like on your terminal.

      > colours test
      %^BLACK%^BLACK %^RESET%^(black)                %^GREEN%^EXITS %^RESET%^(exits)
      %^WHITE%^WHITE %^RESET%^(white)                %^CYAN%^SOUL %^RESET%^(soul)
      %^GREEN%^GREEN %^RESET%^(green)                %^CYAN%^SHOUT %^RESET%^(shout)
      %^YELLOW%^YELLOW %^RESET%^(yellow)              %^ORANGE%^GUILD-CHANNEL %^RESET%^(guild-channel)
      %^ORANGE%^ORANGE %^RESET%^(orange)              ATMOSPHERE %^RESET%^(atmosphere)
      %^MAGENTA%^MAGENTA %^RESET%^(magenta)            %^WHITE%^MOVEMENT %^RESET%^(movement)
      %^CYAN%^CHANNEL %^RESET%^(channel)            %^CYAN%^ROAD-EXITS %^RESET%^(read-exits)
      %^CYAN%^CYAN %^RESET%^(cyan)                  %^B_GREEN%^GUILD-COMMAND %^RESET%^(guild-command)
      %^BLUE%^BLUE %^RESET%^(blue)                  %^BOLD%^INFORM-CHANNEL %^RESET%^(inform-channel)
      %^CYAN%^SAY %^RESET%^(say)                    %^B_GREEN%^B_GREEN %^RESET%^(b_green)
      %^RED%^RED %^RESET%^(red)                    %^B_MAGENTA%^B_MAGENTA %^RESET%^(b_magenta)
      %^ITALIC%^ITALIC %^RESET%^(italic)              %^B_WHITE%^B_WHITE %^RESET%^(b_white)
      %^B_MAGENTA%^COMBAT %^RESET%^(combat)              %^B_CYAN%^B_CYAN %^RESET%^(b_cyan)
      %^UNDER%^UNDER %^RESET%^(under)                %^B_BLACK%^B_BLACK %^RESET%^(b_black)
      %^FLASH%^FLASH %^RESET%^(flash)                %^B_YELLOW%^B_YELLOW %^RESET%^(b_yellow)
      %^BOLD%^BOLD %^RESET%^(bold)                  %^B_BLUE%^B_BLUE %^RESET%^(b_blue)
      %^RESET%^RESET %^RESET%^(reset)                %^B_ORANGE%^B_ORANGE %^RESET%^(b_orange)
      %^ORANGE%^TELL %^RESET%^(tell)                  %^B_RED%^B_RED %^RESET%^(b_red)

      > colours say
      Current setting for 'say' is %^CYAN%^cyan%^RESET%^ (Default is %^CYAN%^cyan%^RESET%^)

      > colours say red
      Setting for 'say' is now '%^RED%^red%^RESET%^'.

      > say this is a test
      %^RED%^You say: this is a test%^RESET%^

      > colours say cyan
      Setting for 'say' is now '%^CYAN%^cyan%^RESET%^'.

      > say this is a test
      %^CYAN%^You say: this is a test%^RESET%^

     communicating, movement, term, termdetect
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