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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Session: Quit

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commands/session/quit        Nanvaent Player Help

     quit - stop playing the game for now


     This command saves your character in its current state, including your
     experience, inventory, health and money, then logs you off Nanvaent.
     Next time you next play Nanvaent you can continue as if you hadn't

     In certain situations you will not be allowed to "quit". You cannot
     "quit" when fighting or mugged.

     Very occasionally special objects will not be saved when you leaving
     Nanvaent. This is by design. Even when someone *cough* mentioning no
     names Bayard *cough* breaks something and your entire inventory is
     accidently lost, it's by design :)

     When you log on you may notice that lots of things may have changed,
     both in the location you are in, and in the locations around you.
     Although you left Nanvaent, other players did not. Think of it as
     going on holiday... things still happen around the streets near your

     cheating, save (rarely needed), saveitems (rarely needed)
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