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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Session: Refresh

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commands/session/refresh     Nanvaent Player Help

     refresh - start this player again from scratch (almost)

     refresh me

     This command allows you to start your character again from level 0.
     It is normally used when someone uses up all their lives.  You lose
     all the skills you gained with your old life, have your stats
     returned to normal (unrearranged), lose all your quests, curses, etc.

     It's probably easier to say what you keep: aliases, nicknames, some
     items in your inventory, your age and one or two other things.

     After you have refreshed you should type in "escape" to return to the
     Nanvaent Village.

     > refresh me
     WARNING! Make sure you have read the docs before doing this!

     Are you sure you wish to refresh yourself?
     Type in your password to confirm: mypass
     Doing refresh.
     You refresh yourself.

     escape, suicide
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