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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Session: Restart

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commands/session/restart     Nanvaent Player Help

     restart - restart your heartbeat

     This command is rarely used (we hope). If you find yourself needing to
     use it regularly please talk an immortal.


     Occasionally in Nanvaent you may find that you get a message like:
     MudOS tells you: You have no heartbeat.

     When this happens, you should type in "restart" to restart your

     Why does this happen? Sometimes a location or a monster you are
     fighting will "break" in such a way that you are affected. It is
     important to "restart" quickly since for you everything stops, but for
     other creatures and players things continue. This means they can
     attack you but you will not fight back. You cannot move around the
     game. Your HP and GP do not recharge, etc.

     If you can replicate the problem that causes you to lose your heartbeat
     please tell a creator as soon as possible to they can look into it.

     channels (for EMERGENCY)
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