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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Communicating

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concepts/communicating       Nanvaent Player Help

There are several ways of communication within the realms of Nanvaent.
Apart from the post offices and the various boards dotted around, most
communication is done using the following methods.

say <text>
As in the real world, say tells everyone in the same location as you the
text you put after the say command. For example
     Paul says: Can I have a heal please?
     You say: I'd love to, but I have no guild points.
You can also use lsay to say something loudly.
     Paul says loudly: Boo!

tell <person> <text>
When using tell, you send your message to one individual player in
Nanvaent. That player does not need to be in the same area as you.
     Paul tells you: So where are you?
     You tell Paul: Fighting this wuzzie in Draemar. He's almost got me.

shout <text>
Sends a message to everyone in Nanvaent, regardless of location.
     Paul shouts: Anybody healing?
     You shout: I'm on my way.

whisper <person> <text>
Whisper is similar to tell, but you have to be in the same location as the
person you are whispering to. Other people in your location can see you
whispering but not what you are whispering!
     Paul whispers to you: Hello
     You whisper to Paul: Why are we whispering?
     Paul whispers to Lee.

<channel> <text>
e.g. chat <text>
     newbie <text>
     wizard <text>
This enables you to send messages to everyone listening to the same channel
as you. There are various channels available, some guild related, one for
new players, and one general-purpose chat channel.
     CHAT: Paul: Did anybody watch that hospital program last night
     CHAT: Lee: Yeah, it was good!
     NEWBIE: Paul: What do I do with this shield?
     NEWBIE: Lee: try "hold shield"

Think of souls as emotions. For example, you can "no <person>" to shake
your head. You can "hug <person>" to hug them. You can nod at them using
"nod <person>".
There are many souls available. Use the soul command to get more details.
     Paul shakes his head at you.
     You hug Paul.
     You nod your head at Paul.

There are also other commands but these are either quest dependent or are
only available to immortals. You'll have to discover these for yourself.

     channels, courtesy, earmuffs, harassment, lsay, ltells, mail, say,
     shout, souls, soul abbreviations, tell, whisper
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