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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Courtesy

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concepts/courtesy            Nanvaent Player Help

Nanvaent is a multi-player game, and you will often find yourself meeting
other people playing it at the same time as you are. It is a good idea to
have some consideration for other people while you play the game.
If you show them courtesy and politeness, they'll treat you the same way,
and help you out if you get into trouble.

MUDding etiquette is a subtle art, but a few basic rules should be known
and observed by everyone.

* Politeness

  In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere, the administrators of
  Nanvaent will not tolerate people who choose to harass or abuse their
  fellow players in any way. Players caught abusing others this way will
  find out that this is the fastest way to be banned.

  The cardinal rule is that the more pleasant you are to everyone else,
  the more pleasant they will be to you.
  See "help harassment" for more information.

* Public Channels

  Nanvaent maintains a number of means to allow players to communicate.
  These include shouting, the chat channel and various channels for the
  members of each guild. Please treat these channels with respect, since
  everyone has to listen to your comments. Swearing on the channels or
  writing rubbish to them is another good way to get a slap. Tolerance
  will be given. But only some. Otherwise you'll be stuck in a room
  next to Mav for a week.

Nanvaent is a MUD renowned for its friendly atmosphere, and pleasant
nature. Observing the above courtesies is a good way to take advantage of
this. As well as these simple basics, there are some more subtle rules of

* Monster Killing

  If you enter a location and find someone there is already fighting with
  a monster, it is very poor manners to "steal their kill" by starting to
  fight it yourself. They may have invested a lot of time and effort to
  wear the monster down. Ask if you can help to kill the monster, and if
  not, move on and find one of your own to fight with. Naturally, you are
  entitled to the same respect from other people when fighting monsters of
  your own.

* Loot Stealing

  The same applies to taking items from corpses of monsters you haven't
  killed. If nobody is around, its fair game to loot a corpse, but if
  someone has just killed a creature, its very bad manners to loot the
  corpse or remove it before they do. It is also bad manners to loot or
  destroy the corpse of a player, if you find one. An individual may have
  spent a long time gaining items, and its bad enough being killed without
  having your corpse robbed too. Naturally, you can expect the same
  courteous treatment from your fellow players.

Please bear in mind that if you're helpful and polite to your fellow
players, they will treat you in a similar manner and everyone will be
happier for it. 

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