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concepts/pictures            Nanvaent Player Help

We are always interested in Nanvaent related pictures, and especially
pictures of its players/creators. So far we have in excess of 700 pictures
mostly taken at various parties over the years. You can find them by
pointing your browser at:

If you have additional pictures, please send them to us and we will display
them where appropriate. Here is how to go about doing that:

1. Party pictures

   Preferably scan them in yourself. Use jpg format, and number them in
   some way, e.g. notts-01.jpg etc.

   If possible, provide a thumbnail copy of each picture, naming it
   small.notts-01.jpg etc. We can do this if needed.

   Provide a text file that looks like this:
      T:This should be the title of the html page
      P:notts-01.jpg:Real name(Player name), Real name(Player name), ...
      P:notts-02.jpg:Amusing title for a group picture
      etc., etc., etc.

   The name of the text file should be <location>_date, e.g.

   Zip/Tar the whole thing up and upload it to /incoming on Mail me (Aragorn) when you do so as I don't check the
   incoming directory every day.

   Given the above, we can automagically create the proper web pages with
   a minimum of work.

2. Personal pictures of yourself or other Nanvaent players.

   If there are a lot of them, please follow the instructions for the
   party pictures.

   Scan them in then upload them to, in /incoming. Make
   sure you also upload a text file explaining who or what the pictures
   are of. Try to include both real and mud name where applicable. Make
   sure you mail me (Aragorn) on here when you have done so as I don't
   check that incoming directory every day.

3. If you know of any Nanvaent related pictures out there that we don't
   have a copy of on our web pages, please let us know and we will try to
   collect them. If you come across a picture on the Nan pages that is
   lacking, missing or has an erroneous description then please mail me the
   correct one. Thank you.

                             The Management (Aragorn)
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