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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Player_stats

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concepts/player_stats        Nanvaent Player Help

Stats in Nanvaent are based on 5 important skills that people have in the
real world.

Strength:     Your physical strength to carry objects, and how hard you
              hurt when fighting with weapons, or bare-handed (teeth/hooves

Constitution: Your health, how much damage you can take before you fall
              down dead.

Dexterity:    The best offence is a good defence? A higher dexterity helps
              you avoid damage by avoiding blows. It also helps you dodge
              magical attacks and can even help you cast spells better if
              you are a wizard. Having a high dexterity makes you a better
              fighter, forester and a much better thief.

Intelligence: Some guilds require a high level of intelligence before you
              will be able to do anything. Who ever heard of a stupid
              wizard ;)  Fighters and other guilds can also gain benefit
              from Intelligence, so don't always dumb down just because you
              are not sure. Ask members of your guild.

Wisdom:       A high level of wisdom brings you closer to God. It also
              helps other guilds with various special skills, so check with
              your guild before rearranging.

There is technically a 6th stat, Vision, which is how well you see in the
dark amongst other things, but you cannot change this as it is race

By default, you are human and have a default of 13 for each of the above
stats. This is by no means optimal! Each guild requires different stats.

As you race change, your default stats change as well. For a "rearrange"
you are shown stats of 5 for each of your base stats, and then you have 40
you can allocate to each of the stats. Race modifiers can have a huge
effect on these base stats, so be careful. Use the "info" command in the
Immigration Office to discover what the stat differences are for the races.

Various rings and amulets have an effect on your stats as well, as do some
swords, armour and the like. Seek them out. You can wear 2 rings and one

      Race modifiers
      Excellent     +4
      Very Good     +3
      Good          +2
      Above Average +1
      Neutral        0
      Below Average -1
      Poor          -2
      Very Poor     -3
      Terrible      -4

A dark elf, for example, has poor strength and constitution, excellent
intelligence, and above average wisdom and dexterity.

This means that default bases stats for a dark elf are actually:
      strength     (5) - (2 modifier) = 3
      constitution (5) - (2 modifier) = 3
      intelligence (5) + (4 modifier) = 9
      wisdom       (5) + (1 modifier) = 6
      dexterity    (5) + (1 modifier) = 6

You then have another 40 to distribute amongst your stats as you see fit.
Choose wisely, since after your first race change and rearrange you have
to pay in experience (rearrange) or platinum (race change).

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