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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Skill_advancement

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concepts/skill_advancement   Nanvaent Player Help

As you go through Nanvaent you will gain experience, which you exchange
for skill advancement in your guild room.

Underneath each of the top-level skills (fighting, magic, faith,
performance, other) there are several other skills which can be advanced
individually. These skills do not show up until you have advanced the top
level to 5. Then below these skills there are sometimes extra skills you
can advance.

Advancing the higher level skills automatically advances each of the lower
level items. This is why the higher level skills are expensive, since they
take into account each of the other skills you advance.

Certain guilds have no use for some skills. Wizards are stuffy book types,
and cannot sing or dance, so have no use for the Performance set of skills.
Fighters do not understand magic, and are generally frightened of magic
users, so they do not advance the Magic set of skills.

Races also determine what skills are best to advance. A good way to waste
experience is to advance something that has no effect, such as two-handed
sharp combat when you are an Ent cleric. Ents do not have hands, so have
little use for such a skill.

Here is a partial list of skills that can be advanced.

   Fighting     Magic      Faith       Performance   Other
   --------     ------     -------     -----------   ----------
   combat       spells     prayers     songs         covert
   dodging      items      symbols     dances        smithing
   firearms     points     points      points        valuing
   points                                            evaluating

Other members in your guild should be able to tell you what sort of things
you should advance to get certain abilities.

Important ones that are generic to everyone are:
     fighting.points  (your health points)
     fighting.dodging (avoid your foes bashes)
     other.swimming   (ability to swim in water)
     other.climbing   (something to do with climbing walls and such)

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